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B&R servo drive technology makes yaw systems more efficient and less prone to wear

06.09.2018 -

B&R's intelligent motion control solutions based on its Acopos P3 servo drive enable more efficient motor utilization, so wind turbines can be operated more efficiently, quietly and safely. By reducing the total number of motors – especially in larger turbines – operators save on both initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs.

Intelligent servo drive technology prevents yaw control from wearing out the brakes, which means the brake pads no longer need to be replaced. System availability goes up, maintenance costs go down and the noise generated by hardened brake pads is eliminated. 

Safety technology must ensure that any workers inside the nacelle cannot be injured by the yaw system. The B&R control concept prevents safety mechanisms from being tampered with or disabled. This prevents accidents from occurring during commissioning and maintenance and makes the wind farm a much safer place to work.

With condition monitoring, wind farm operators can collect data about the health of their equipment. B&R edge devices process this data and transfer it to the cloud. The vendor-independent OPC UA protocol provides seamless, interface-free communication between the wind turbine and the cloud. The collected data allows turbine operators to do things like optimize maintenance intervals.


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