Mechatronics System Design makes teams more effective

Mechatronics System Design makes teams more effective

15 oktober 2018 ‘It costs you two percent on an annual basis, but it makes you ten percent more effective' Mechatronics System Design 1 and 2 are amongst the most popular training courses in the high tech industry. The courses originated in Philips CFT, where...

Dutch high tech culture - Free workshop

Dutch high tech culture - Free workshop

10 oktober 2018 How to successfully perform in the Dutch high tech work culture Jaco Friedrich will talk about the do's and don’ts of working in Dutch High Tech Culture. Dutch culture is different to any other, especially in the high tech sector. Your boss...

Reflections on System architecting

Reflections on System architecting

19 september 2018 Combining technical, market and customer value. A system architecture, according to Wikipedia, is the conceptual model that defines structure, behaviour and other aspects (or ‘views’) of a system. Such a model can be used to guide the design of a...

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High Tech Insitute is the leading training partner for the high tech industry to facilitate growth of individuals, teams or organisations, both in technical width, depth and in soft skills. Trusted by leading high tech companies worldwide. Several of our courses are certified by DSPE & Euspen. All our courses are available as open enrollment or as in house editions, which can also be customised. On request, we also develop tailor-made trainings, which are not part of our regular portfolio.


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