Blended variant of ‘Object-oriented analysis and design’ training scheduled for June

20 mei 2020

High Tech Institute will offer the first blended variant of the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design training starting in June. The course starts with two days online. In the intervening months, participants will receive remote guidance on their own case. After that, the completion of the training will take place in a physical setting during the last two course days.

The trainers, Onno van Roosmalen and Martijn Ceelen, have developed a blended learning variant of their much sought-after training Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. While Corona was the reason to revisit the set-up of the OOAD, the duo opted not to shift the complete course to online.

On 18 and 19 June, the course will kick off from the virtual classroom, with a maximum of twelve students joining the online training for six hours each day. The two-day completion of the course will be held in-person in September. High Tech Institute expects that the restrictions related to corona will still be in place, but by limiting the course to twelve participants, it will be possible to meet the 1.5-meter distancing requirements.

In the intervening months, the trainers will organize an online question session every two weeks. Students can then ask questions and discuss the cases they have brought in from their own practice. “That’s the crux,” says van Roosmalen. He and Ceelen expect that this will ensure that the methods learned will stick even better.

The duo will make use of Canvas, the online learning system that High Tech Institute has been using for the past several months. Unlike the physical training sessions, van Roosmalen and Ceelen explicitly ask the participants to bring their own work with them. They expect that by utilizing existing cases, course-goers will be better able to put what they have learned into practice.

In the future, both trainers expect to offer online coaching and guidance to former students as a refresher opportunity. “But first, we want to gain experience with it during the next session.”

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