B&R gives industrial PC memory turbo boost

19 augustus 2020

 Industrial PC memory gets a turbo boost

B&R is adding new mass memory options for its Automation PC 3100 and Panel PC 3100 industrial PCs. In addition to CFast cards, it is now also possible to use M.2 modules. This type of memory offers fast access and up to 1 TB of storage capacity.

M.2 memory modules are very compact and are based on MLC technology. Their high throughput makes them particularly attractive for data logging and other data-intensive applications. They also offer substantially more storage capacity than CFast cards, which allows more data to be written over the course of their service life.

The M.2 memory card occupies a predefined interface slot on in the industrial PC. It can be factory-installed or added by the user on site. Together with the two CFast slots, each Automation PC can now be equipped with a total of three mass memory modules.