New version Aprol automation platform

14 februari 2019

The new version R4.2 of the Aprol automation platform provides a powerful and convenient system for managing online parameters. Aprol Displaycenter displays a clear overview of online parameters and facilitates the commissioning of measurement and control loops. Online parameters can be dragged and dropped to other systems.

Switch between viewsB&R Aprol automation platform

Different views allow a clear display and uncomplicated modification of the online parameters. The faceplate view offers a well-structured user interface. The system logic is displayed in the control module view. Parameters can be entered and control modules can be enabled in the list view. Depending on the requirements, the appropriate view can be selected or users can switch between the views.

Transfer parameters

The new operating dialog boxes not only provide a better overview of the parameters, but also allow existing online parameters to be transferred to other measuring points. To ensure seamless traceability, when online parameters are fed back into the Aprol project engineering tool Caemanager, a new version is automatically created with the comment Online parameters imported.