Safe Communications without using stacks live webinar

3 november 2020

The webinar will benefit anyone wanting to implement a SIL3 Safety Application. It looks at the benefits of a pre-certified safety device and does so by looking at a real project completed with a client to develop a true SIL3/PLE-Level Emergency Stop.


This webinar looks at distributed safety I/O communications through existing network topology.  It looks at how this can be achieved with embedded systems in a low-risk way by giving an understanding of the theory of:

  • Using safety standards
  • Safety communication channels on un-safe networks
  • Safety protocols
  • Safety hardware

And in practice the:

  • Design
  • Certification
  • Implementation

of safe solutions for embedded industrial networks.


  • Safety I/O over Industrial Networking
  • Demonstrate the rapid development of a certified Safety I/O node
  • Identify how project risks are reduced by communication modules
  • Discuss real cases and see how customers have saved both time and money


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